Haas Coffee


cape town

Haas Coffee comes highly recommended on Google. It is indeed a beautiful and cosy coffee shop and, I am sure their coffee is great. I lie. I am not sure. I wouldn't know because I don’t drink coffee 😂.

That is why this post isn’t about coffee. It is about tea. Chai tea to be exact. So, what’s my verdict on their chai?

Chai at Haas Flat-lay

I declare Haas' chai unmemorable. I am serious. I really cannot remember it because I had it a long time ago. I went to Haas on November 15th, 2018 on my last day in Cape Town. I remember thinking it was not the best chai I have ever had. I also did not think it was the best so, that makes Haas just another coffee shop I have had tea at.

chai at Haas coffee
chai at Haas Coffee in CT

But, do not take my word for it or ye coffee lovers out there. Do go give their place a try and tell me what you think.