Chai Diaries: an Introduction


Chai, the Swahili word for tea is perhaps the third most popular Swahili phrase next to “Hakuna Matata” and “Jambo.” The reason for the words popularity is that there is an Indian spiced tea that has taken over coffee shops worldwide also called Chai.

Being a tea fanatic and coffee shop lover, it was only a matter of time until I stumbled upon this drink.  I cannot remember where exactly I tried it for the first time but it has slowly become the only thing I drink anytime I am at a coffee shop. If you know me well enough, that is a lot of times. So now, Chai tea -I still cringe when I say that because it’s like saying tea tea for me- in all its forms and sizes (especially as a latte) has become a significant part of my life.

Besides it’s being a constant reminder of home and being the perfect coffee-like-experience for non-coffee-drinkers, Chai has been the constant thread tying all my cross-country/cross-continent experiences together. I have ordered this drink in Africa, Europe and North America... at bus stations, train stations, airports, and ports alike. Though the same drink, the taste is different at every shop. No Chai cups are the same, even if they are from the same chain of restaurants/coffee shops. And so the quest for the best Chai in the world begun. I started documenting places where my Chai expectations were met, and at times exceeded. These were the beginnings of my Chai Diaries.

It is my civic duty to share with you the best Chai in the world and make known my Chai escapades. I formally go Chai finding every Friday afternoon. If you are ever in the same location -currently Chai finding in Cape Town- please join me. You can do so by signing up on my website here. You can also share your Chai faves for me to try by leaving a comment down below or tagging me on my socials @berniemshana.  


I am excited to share my Chai Diaries and hear your Chai experiences. 

Lots of Chai love,

Bernie ❤️