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This is the canvas and the pages on which I curate and display the life I wish to create for myself and other liminal hu-women like myself. I explore here my passion for fashion, present my literally inspired visual arts, write my visual arts inspired written works, share my linguistics, travel diaries, show my finding comfort in food, and heck, whatever else I feel like... Welcome and enjoy!

Few that Last: The Rowdy Sling Bag

Lately, I’ve been so adamant about owning a few things that will last me a long time. I've been paying attention to a lot of talks around fashion waste and decided to transition into being a conscious consumer. Living out of my suitcase may have something to do with that decision but I really am determined to reduce the amount of fabric waste I personally produce. This has come to mean reducing the number of items I own so I am building a capsule wardrobe full of items that will last and I will love forever.

Today, I would like to share one item that has made it into my "few that last and are loved" wardrobe; my ROWDY sling bag. I first encountered ROWDY Bags at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town. I have always been a fan of leather goods so I naturally was drawn to their cute leather-goods-filled stand. The ROWDY Bags collection also caught my eye because of the classic and timeless designs at relatively affordable prices. As if that wasn't enough, their pieces come with a lifetime guarantee.


I purchased the sling bag in a dark brown and it is the best decision I ever made. The colour goes with practically everything. The bag is hand-stitched from start to finish. ROWDY says their bags are made by 17 trained leather artisans who come from underprivileged backgrounds but are now earning a living as full-time employees at ROWDY.

Though I do not know much about the entire production chain for ROWDY bags, the little I know is more than many African brands are doing to ensure that their production is ethical and environmentally friendly. So, I am absolutely here for ROWDY and their lasting-a-lifetime motto.


Tell me, do you consider yourself a conscious consumer? What eco-friendly brands are your favourite? How do you feel about fast fashion?