to be African, to be Woman, to be Creative, to be Fashionable, to be Intelligible, to be be IMARA

imara by Mshana

This is the canvas and the pages on which I curate and display the life I wish to create for myself and other liminal hu-women like myself. I explore here my passion for fashion, present my literally inspired visual arts, write my visual arts inspired written works, share my linguistics, travel diaries, show my finding comfort in food, and heck, whatever else I feel like... Welcome and enjoy!

Posts tagged OOTD
What I wore to the Wakati album launch

Striking a balance between overdressing and underdressing is really hard. The line between the two is so thin. On days like these, I often opt for a white top. White clothes have a way of looking so elegant without looking too formal. Pair that with jeans, and you have officially split your body between the over and under dress zone.

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For a home alone work day

When I am home alone I dress up. I know it sounds totally insane, because when you are home alone your lazy bone kicks in (at least mine does) and all you want to do is lay down, watch TV and eat whatever you can pull from the fridge. To counter that urge to be a couch potato, I usually opt for a cold shower as soon as I wake up, some clean clothes that aren't my pyjamas, and a minimal face beat. 

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