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imara by Mshana

This is the canvas and the pages on which I curate and display the life I wish to create for myself and other liminal hu-women like myself. I explore here my passion for fashion, present my literally inspired visual arts, write my visual arts inspired written works, share my linguistics, travel diaries, show my finding comfort in food, and heck, whatever else I feel like... Welcome and enjoy!

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What does Black Panther have to do with me? I Am Tanzanian!

When I heard that Marvel was creating Black Panther, a movie with an all black (except two) cast and is supposedly set in an African context, I rolled my eyes so much and awaited a horrible Lion King type of madness. Because I am not a movie fanatic, I didn't even bother to go deep into researching what the movie and "Black Panther" is all about anyway. This Friday, my friends insisted I go watch it with them. Since I had heard the movie is a big deal and FOMO is a real thing, I bought a ticket -for D-Box seat even- for the movie. Thank heavens I did! 

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