to be African, to be Woman, to be Creative, to be Fashionable, to be Intelligible, to be be IMARA

imara by Mshana

This is the canvas and the pages on which I curate and display the life I wish to create for myself and other liminal hu-women like myself. I explore here my passion for fashion, present my literally inspired visual arts, write my visual arts inspired written works, share my linguistics, travel diaries, show my finding comfort in food, and heck, whatever else I feel like... Welcome and enjoy!

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My Sister's Famous Sweet Bell Pepper Chicken Recipe

Sundays at my mother’s house have always been about two things, food, and God and thus ultimately the spiritual experience that is eating. A typical Sunday schedule at home looks something like this: wake up, go to church, go to the food market, make the food, eat, take a nap, eat, sleep. We cook only once on Sundays, and we don’t just make food, we make a food spread…a whole assortment of dishes. 

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