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imara by Mshana

This is the canvas and the pages on which I curate and display the life I wish to create for myself and other liminal hu-women like myself. I explore here my passion for fashion, present my literally inspired visual arts, write my visual arts inspired written works, share my linguistics, travel diaries, show my finding comfort in food, and heck, whatever else I feel like... Welcome and enjoy!

The new god

A Beat Generation-inspired poem.

Originally submitted as a class assignment.

I dream of being rich and traveling the world to see beautiful landscapes and breathe fresh air.

A voice inside of me mocks me and says, “I hope technology would have figured out ways of stopping global warming by then, because as long as technology causes global warming, and climate change persists, there will be no fresh air for you to breathe and no landmark for you to see.”

I exorcise the ridiculous
thought! How dare I question the power of future technology? I repent and confess the god’s prayer:

Our Scientists, Who hail in labs

Who we admire but do not wish to be

Hallowed be Thy Names;

Thy inventions come,

Thy inventions will work on earth as it did in thy labs.

Give us this day our future technology upgrades,

And rid us of our old versions,

As we rid ourselves of plastic cups;

And lead us not into a new age blindly,

But deliver us prepared for the days to come.


After saying my prayer, I have no fear because I am reminded that I am yet to encounter something I cannot Google.

I have faith!

I have faith in technology.

If google knows it all now, it will know it all then.

Why shall I fear if Google is here?

I have no fear. I put my life in the hands of the almighty science.

If scientists have found ways to get us to Mars, they’ll find ways of living in Mars.

More so, if they find technology that allows us to live in Mars, they’ll surely find ways of living on a crooked Earth.

Why do you fear?

Rest your soul and have faith in technology.

Hasn’t it been faithful to you till now?

What have you asked of it that it hasn’t provided?

Friends? Facebook.

Followers? Twitter.

A brain? Google.

Sex? YouTube.

Affirmation? Like buttons.

Fly? Airplanes.


Are you kidding me?

Rest your soul and have faith in technology.

It is the new religion.

It is the new god.