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Wakati album launch at Goethe Institute

dar es salaam at night

Isack Abeneko, a friend and a very talented young artist from Nafasi Art Space, launched his album titled WAKATI at the Goethe Institute in Dar es Salaam yesterday. If you enjoy live music and were not there last night then sister, girlfriend, you absolutely missed out! Isack is one of the most amazing performers I have ever seen. He is so lively! You can really tell he is passionate about music in the way he performs. 


Like many other Goethe and Nafasi event, this one was also FREE. I know what you are thinking, that is one of my favourite words too. The caviar on top was that this launch was also a charitable fundraiser to support the renowned Makonde visual artists, Augustino Malaba. Malaba is one of the oldest Makonde carving masters. Abeneko realised the value of this legendary artist and his contributions to the cultural development and creative industry in Tanzania and sought to support him. Abeneko is determined to make the statement that we must value the artistic contributions of previous generations as they made the foundations for the art we create today. All the proceeds from the sale of all the CDs at the event were thus directed towards supporting Malaba's medical and living expenses.

Beyond his generous and kind gesture, Abeneko's album itself does not fall short of complexity and meaning. Wakati is “time” in Kiswahili. The songs on this album portray the essence of the daily lives of local Tanzanians, while encouraging people to appreciate the preciousness of time. Abeneko believes that every moment counts and every action that can be done today to create a better tomorrow should be done immediately. "The present is what we all have and so we should not take it for granted. Let us not wait until the opportunities the present provides pass before we take action" says Abeneko. 

The cause, the words and the musical combinations of afro-pop, bongo-fusion, reggae, and other local styles of music in this album will move you to act, to dance and to sing along...NOW! Abeneko will be performing again during the Sauti za Busara music festival in Zanzibar on the 9th of February. This one is not one to be missed!