SIster, Girlfriend meet-ups

Broke is a permanent state of a 20-something year old, however, that has never stopped us from wanting great experiences. imara's Sister, Girlfriend Meet-ups are deliberately curated experiences with the broke 20-something year old in mind. Sometimes these experiences are trips to elsewhere, sometimes they are discovering place you never knew in your own neighbourhood and sometimes they are simply revisiting familiar spaces with new company. They are affordable, fun and productive experiences for gaining sister friends, having crucial conversations, getting constructive feedback, hearing words of affirmation, networking, and discovering new destinations. If interested, Sister, Girlfriend, RSVP below. 

I look forward to meeting you beautiful soul you! 




wikiendi LIVE AT NAfasi

29 june 2019, 7:00PM

Nafasi Art Space, a true art lover’s heaven is where it is at this weekend. Their bi-monthly edition of Wikiendi Live is ON this Saturday and I am sure as hell going to be there. The vibe is always right at these free musical concerts and the people are more than accommodating of new faces. I haven’t been there all year so I am excited to turn up! If you do happen to be there, let me know so that we can link up! I would love to hangout with you after the show.


chai finding

every friday, 4:00pm

I love coffee shop vibes but I absolutely cannot stomach coffee itself. So, I order tea at coffee shops just to sit inside them. Through my tea at coffee shops escapades, I discovered that there are only a handful of places that sell coffee that also make great tea, and that the best thing a tea lover can order at a coffee shop is, a Chai Latte. Instantly, I made it my goal to find the best Chai Latte in the world! Join me in my quest, Chai Finding - Hartford edition, every Friday at 4:00 pm.



January - MAY 2019

Sister! Girlfriend, it's hard outchea for a returnee! I have been away from Hartford for a year and a half. I remember where most things are but would like to explore new places. I would also like to know where to find like minded people and things that will enrich my experience. Will you be my plug and help? Tell me your experiences and I will share my adventures. Lets talk about the struggles of living in Hartford! Please, share your city knowhow with a returnee.